Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Number 15 of morphrog, Frogmore's online journal of ‘poetry in the extreme’ is now live

Number 15 of morphrog, the online journal promising ‘poetry in the extreme’ and published by the Frogmore Press, is now live at http://www.morphrog.com  

The issue contains new poetry from the customary eclectic range of authors: American poet Gale Acuff, author of The Story of My Lives (2008), who has taught university English in the US and China as well as on the Palestinian West Bank; widely published poet and poetry editor of London Grip Michael Bartholomew-Biggs; multiple Pushcart prize nominee Lana Bella; Natalie Crick, whose poem ‘Sunday School’ was nominated for this year’s Pushcart Prize; recent runner-up for the Frogmore Prize Nicola Daly; Antony Johae, author of Poems of the East; Missouri poet Donal Mahoney; priest, mediator, trainer and poet Chris McDermott; Ian C Smith, author of wonder sadness madness, who lives in the Gippsland Lakes area of Victoria, Australia; poet, sound artist and graphic artist Lawrence Upton; and Austrian writer Theresa Vogrin. At a time of increasing global uncertainty, the international flavour of this issue offers a wide range of perspectives on and insights into the unprecedented circumstances we find ourselves in.

morphrog is published twice a year in January and July, and subscription is free. To subscribe please contact: morphrog@gmail.com

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