Thursday, 23 March 2017

Would you like to read your work surrounded by the works of John Constable?

The Frogmore Press editor is looking for creative writers who would like to read some of their work on 6 May in the exhibition galleries in Brighton Museum, during the much-anticipated Constable and Brighton exhibition, which opens 8 April 2017. 

The event will be called Written in Water (a nod to Keats' epitaph) and take place on Saturday 6 May 2017, a Free Day at the Brighton Museum. It coincides with the beginning of the Brighton Festival, which this year is directed by poet Kate Tempest.  The themes of the readings (poems or short prose pieces) should be loosely connected to the Constable exhibition, but can be interpreted quite freely: water, wind, weather, storms, clouds, the Sussex coast and Downs, the sea, Brighton, landscape painting, the Romantic Age, Brighton as a home etc. 

There will be two slots: one at 12 and one at 3pm. You may read at either or both, for a maximum length of approx. 10 minutes. You are welcome to include your favourite poem(s) from the Romantic Age, or about the sea. 

Among the poets who will read a the event are Clare Best, Sonya Smith, Michaela Ridgway, Jeremy Page, Rachel Playforth, Maria Jastrzebska, Karen Antoni, Amber Agha and Marek Urbanowicz.

Tanya Shadrick will be Writer-in-Residence for the day, continuing her A Wild Patience: Laps in Longhand project.

If you are interested in taking part, please contact me by email for more information. Please include a few lines about yourself  and samples of what you would like to read.

Alexandra Loske
Managing Editor, The Frogmore Press

Sunday, 19 March 2017

Frogmore Papers No. 89 out now

The 89th edition of The Frogmore Papers is now available by post from the Frogmore Press or from Skylark Books in Lewes (still only £5, incl. postage). With a cover by Paris-based artist Eva Bodinet, the issue features poetry, prose and artwork from around the world. International contributors include Robert Ammons (artwork), Les Bernstein (poetry), Megan Kitching (poetry), Rachael McGill (prose), Mary O'Donnell (poetry and prose), Donna Pucciani (poetry), Kevin Tosca (prose) and Margaret Wilmot (poetry).

The issue also includes the usual crop of reviews of recent publications and full details of the Frogmore Poetry Prize 2017 to be adjudicate by Maggie Butt. The deadline is 31 May 2017.