Monday, 19 July 2010

The result of the Frogmore Poetry Prize for 2010 - a very international affair


Sponsored by the Frogmore Foundation and adjudicated by Stewart Conn.
More on Stewart Conn here.

Stewart Conn
Photograph by Jemima Kuhfeld

The Frogmore Poetry Prize for 2010 is awarded to A K S Shaw of Templecombe, Somerset for the poem COAST GUARD. He receives the sum of two hundred guineas and a two-year subscription to The Frogmore Papers.

The first runner-up is Frances-Anne King of Bath for the poem FLEET. She receives the sum of seventy-five guineas and a year’s subscription to The Frogmore Papers.

The second runner-up is Carolyn King of Ventnor, Isle of Wight for the poem WRIT IN STONE. She receives the sum of fifty guineas and a year’s subscription to The Frogmore Papers.

Other poems shortlisted were:

HOME   Pat Borthwick
BREAK OF DAY   Charles Evans
THE GREEN CHILD    Paul Groves
RIVER, LAKE, SEA   Melinda Lovell
CARLYLE ALONE   Tracey S Rosenberg

It is remarkable that this year's shortlist contains poems by writers resident in England, Scotland, Wales, Canada, France and Italy.

These poems will all be published in number 76 of The Frogmore Papers in September 2010.

Thursday, 1 July 2010 in the extreme - Vol 1 Issue 1 is now online

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Volume 1 Issue 1 is edited by Jeremy Page and Peter Stewart
morphrog is published bi-annually on 1 July and 1 January. Subscription is free.
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Liz Adams has an MA in Creative Writing from the University of East Anglia. Her work has appeared in Iota Fiction, The Frogmore Papers, and is forthcoming in Stand. Her first collection of poems, Green Dobermans, will be published by Lazy Gramophone Press in 2011.

Robert Etty was born and lives in Lincolnshire. He is the author of seven collections of poetry, most recently Half A Field’s Distance: New and Selected Poems (Shoestring 2006).

Michael Fraley lives in San Francisco, within walking distance of the zoo. His poems have been published internationally.

Susan Shingleton is a Londoner, educated at Oxford. Retired from university lecturing in the Far and Middle East, she enjoys seeing her three grown up children and their families. Her interests include writing, reading, bird-spotting and travelling.

K V Skene is a long-term expat Canadian (born in Sault Ste. Marie, Ontario), resident in Oxford. Author of numerous collections of poems, including Edith (Flarestack).

Ivor C Treby chose, annotated but did not edit Uncertain Rain – Sundry Spells of Michael Field (De Blackland Press). He is also the author of several collections of poetry.

Roddy Williams lives, paints, writes and works in London. A radical atheist, his Haiku Diary of Common Sense can be found at