Sunday, 9 January 2011

“Languages of Colour”- call for submissions: poetry, prose, non-fiction and art work

The Frogmore Press is inviting submissions on the subject of COLOUR in art, poetry, literature and science. Successful submissions will be published in a volume with the working title Languages of Colour, with publication provisionally scheduled for autumn/winter 2011. The editor will be Alexandra Loske.
Abstract colour blot 'Crimson' by Mary Gartside, 1805
Photograph: Dominic Tschudin
The Frogmore Press predominantly publishes poetry, short pieces of prose and literary reviews. This special volume intends to branch out into non-fiction, art history and the sciences. The volume will be illustrated.
We are inviting poems, very short pieces of prose, short reviews of classic works on colour, particular artists or works of art. Submissions may include images and may have been previously published, subject to copyright clearance. Translations are also welcome.

Maximum word length per submission: 1500; the shorter, the better.

We are particular interested in visual artists submitting graphic work to illustrate the volume.

For more information please email:

Deadline for submissions: 30 June 2011
Submissions should be sent with a s.a.e. to
The Frogmore Press
Re: Colour
21 Mildmay Road
East Sussex

Friday, 7 January 2011

A Swan, a Carpenter and morphrog(s)

Happy new year!

An image from morphrog 2
 The second issue of Frogmore's online journal morphrog went live on 1 January.
Poets featured include Michael Bartholomew-Biggs, Hugh Fox, Nancy Mattson, K.V. Skene and Sam Smith.
Here is the link:

Frogmore poet Michael Swan has won the Stanza poetry prize (judged by Sheenagh Pugh) for his poem 'I Wasn't There. Michael's first collection, When They Come For You was published by the Frogmore Press in 2003 and his second is due later this year from Oversteps. Recent work will also appear in the March issue of The Frogmore Papers. Copies of his debut collection are still available from the Frogmore Press at £5.95.

Peter Carpenter, whose work has appeared regularly in Frogmore publications down the years, most recently in Poetry South East 2010, has been elected Chair of the Trustees of the Poetry Society.

Peter Carpenter