Thursday, 11 March 2010

Frogmore Papers Issue 75 is out!

The spring 2010 edition of The Frogmore Papers (number 75) is now out, and subscribers and contributors should receive their copies within the next two weeks. Copies can be ordered by sending a cheque for £5.00 payable to ‘The Frogmore Press’. The new Papers sport a stunning cover from Neil Gower and contain poems by Frogmore stalwarts Peter Carpenter, Michael Curtis, Edna Eglinton, Robert Etty, Sam Gardiner, Desmond Graham, Caroline Price, Alex Smith and Michael Swan alongside new work from the likes of Martyn Crucefix, Katrina Naomi and Martin Reed, prose from Peter Gilmour, Jaki McCarrick, Maria McCarthy and Richard Todd, and artwork from Donald Stuart and Alexey Talimonov. A fifty-two page feast for the eyes and mind!

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