Friday, 12 March 2010



just a couple of notes on writers associated with the Frogmore Press.

Jeremy Page, co-founder of the Frogmore Press and editor of The Frogmore Papers, was one of the authors reading at this year's Quick Fiction at the University of Sussex. The event was organised by Nicholas Royle and supported by independent publisher Myriad Editions. His very short short story 'Chaos Theory on a Bad Gravy Day' can be found here. (You need to scroll down a bit.)

Charlie Rolfe, whose new novel The Crying Girl is reviewed in the latest issue of Frogmore (no. 75, Spring 2010) has alerted me to his website Made-up Co., which features work by a collective of self published writers and poets based in Brighton. It is in its infant stage but well worth supporting and having a look at:

Keep on reading and have a lovely weekend,


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